This introduction to Chicco was submitted by Augele Wiedijk . Chicco was a part of our Instagram Halloween Contest.  As the winner of the contest he was also featured on our Instagram account

This is Chicco he's a Chodsky Pes, better known as Bohemian Shepherd. He was born on the 30th of April 2013 in Czech Republik. He now lives with me and my boyfriend in The Netherlands. He looks a bit like the Old German Shepherd but this breed is much smaller, kinda the samen size as a Border Collie and only 20-25 kg in weight.

He really loves to play fetch or to catch his frisbee. He's so friendly and tries to play with every dog we come accross during our daily walks. Chicco really likes the nature and to exporing new places, he has so much energy we go for a long hike twice a day. But in the evening he jumps on the couch do have some quality time and to cuddle with us.

This is the winning photo 

Since a few weeks I have my own dog photography business. Chicco is so photogenic and we loved to share our shots with the world by using Instagram. Now I want every owner to get a change of having amazing photo's of his/her dog. A dog is like a child in my eyes, they are family and also your best friend. So its nice to have these shots to always look back at.

We are so honored that we won the Halloween contest from Yourspecialdog! And so sweet that you like to post a little blog about Chicco! Thank you so much!

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