Getting a push from the story of Annie and Jodie , we thought to dedicate an article to dog depression. Yes, dogs can get depressed too, and the causes and symptoms are very similar to ours.

Some of the symptoms to look out in case you suspect your dog of having depression are change in appetite, oversleeping, limp tail, loss of interest, avoidance.

Many factors can be the cause of depression in dogs:

Seasonal and weather changes. You've probably heard that dogs can sense when storms are coming, and also may have noticed changes in your dog's behavior when seasons change. Changes are a big cause of depression in humans too, but dogs can feel these changes in a bigger scale than us humans. 

Change of place and/or environment. Dogs may find it hard to deal with moving to a new place. This changes make them feel unsure about they new surroundings. You can try to avoid this by taking all their belongings and try to recreate the same atmosphere you had at the old place. This way he will feel really at home.

Loneliness and neglect. Not paying enough attention to you dog and living alone at home most of  the time, is one of the most frequent causes of depression. If you decide to adopt / buy a dog, treat him like family (because that's what he really is for you and that's what you are for your dog). Always pay enough attention to your dog so that he knows he is loved and cared.

Medical conditions. This is the number one cause of depression in dogs. That's why you should always take your dog to the vet as soon as you see any sign of depression in your dog. There are many medical conditions that can make your dog feel depressed and have low energy.

Family additions. Whether it is a human or a another animal, many dogs may feel threatened and may not like the idea of sharing your attention. Before adding to your family, try to get your dog used to the new situation. You can read more about preparing your dog for a new baby in the house here.

There are several ways on how to deal with dog depression, but the first thing you should do is taking them to the vet, and following his guidance. Your dogs might need  medical cures, or therapy sessions depending on the causes of the depression.
But, don't forget to give to your dogs that one thing that cures all ... LOVE. Make them feel loved, cared, and give them all the attention they deserve so that you can prevent things from the start.