Most of us have the common idea that  all dogs love water and are great swimmers, but that is not the case for all the breeds. Some are just not into it and some others are great swimmers.
Here are five dog breeds that would love to get their paws wet anytime.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers excel at retrieving game for hunters, tracking, sniffing out drugs, and as therapy and assistance dogs. They also love to spend a lot of time in the water.

The Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water dog breed once served as crew on fishing trips, retrieving lost gear, and herding fish into nets. Today, he's a fun-loving family companion, represented by Bo Obama, First Dog of the U.S.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are great hunting and family friendly dogs, but they originally used to be adopted by fishermen and helped them in their work. 


They are natural hunters with an excellent ability to take training. Not only are they great pointers, but they are excellent retrievers as well. They will retrieve on land and in the water, making the most of their natural instincts.

English Setter

They are active dogs that need plenty of exercise and up to two hours a day of exercise is recommended.[15] Inside they tend to be lower energy and love to be couch potatoes and lap dogs; the breed is described as "intensely friendly," "good natured," and "adores visitors and is particularly happy with children."

If it's the first time for your dog in the water, or when you're not sure if your dog likes water or knows how to swim it's best if you take it easy with them and not force them in the water. You might want to check out these life jackets available in cute textures and different sizes in our shop.