Dogs are all very loving by nature. They are always very excited when they see their humans. We have no doubt that they love us with all their hearts and their love is true and lasts for a lifetime. But some dogs have it in their genes, to be a little bit more affectionate than the others. It is really hard to choose and make a difference, but most experts say that these are just some of the most affectionate dog breeds.

1.  Golden Retriever

They are known for their very friendly attitude toward everyone, and of course they a make great job as therapy dogs.

2.  Bichon Frise

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Bichons have been favored internationally since the 14th century. They are always ready to cheer you up and sweeten your day.

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3. Bulldog

Bulldogs are known to build very strong bonds with their family, and are extremely gentle and loving with children.

4. Collie

They are very energetic and playful dogs, that would love to share everything with you, even their favorite toy.

5. Labrador Retriever

Labradors are known to be very friendly dogs, who are quick to socialize with everyone who shows even a little interest in them, and  they also happen to fall in love with everyone who shares a treat with them, cause they love goes through their stomach first.