With the summer just around the corner the big struggle for all dog parents is to keep their dog cool outside in hot weather. In the indoor places, some factors and tools help us, like conditioned air, the absence of the sun or a cooling bed . Even in places outside the house like parks, streets and beaches where there aren’t too many shadow spots, there are some things we can do to help our dog to cool down.

1.Give water often

The best practice is to keep with us a Portable Water Bottle and give water to our dog often during the walk or staying in the sun for too long . A great product that will definitely help you is the Water Walker Leash Water Walker Leash (Everything you need for your dog’s safety and comfort during walks… including a dog water bottle, travel water bowl, waste bag dispenser and more... in an adjustable dog leash.)

2.Give him a Hydro Bone to play with

The water holding toy created by Hugs Pet Products is the perfect way to quench your dog’s thirst while playing, helping your pet to stay cool and active in warm weather.

3.Solar Wear

If your dog wants to lie down in full-sun to catch some rays, consider protective clothing. There are several companies that make pet clothing with solar protection. You can also use a light t-shirt to help cover hairless bellies.

4. Buy him a hat

Yes you read it right , a hat like Casual Canine Camo Cap Small keeps the sun out of your dog’s eyes, and the caps are made of soft cotton for comfort and easy wear.

5.A system that pumps cold water

The Hound Cooler is a battery-powered system that pumps cold water from its cooler through insulated tubing in a comfortable cushioned pad. The cold water going through the tubing provides a very effective dog cooling surface.