You can find some really great accessories for your furry friend in this interesting guest post sponsored by, that will help you take better care of them. Read the post and comment if you use some of this accessories or if you like anyone.

 It's said that our dogs are our best friends, and we love to pamper our pals now and then with special treats. There are many different types of pet accessory on the market, covering a range of different needs. With this in mind, let us take a look at what we could be buying for our pampered pooches in 2015. 

1. Doggy Brain Training Toys

 It has been widely acknowledged that our animals need mental stimulation as well as exercise. With these toys, your dog has to use his intelligence to find treats hidden inside or under removable parts of the toy. These should only be used under your supervision, of course.

2. Cooling, Thermal and Heated Beds

 Ranging from small sized petite pet beds, suitable for cats and other small furries, these beds are great as a winter warmer. Some can be heated up in a microwave to provide your little friend with warmth in colder weather. Larger ones are good for senior dogs that need a little warmth for their creaky joints. During hot weather, your pet can cool down on a cooling mat. Some contain PCM (phase change material) which liquefies as it absorbs heat from the animal’s body.

3. Flashing dog collar and matching leash  feature the PoochlightTM LED lit collar which comes in different colours and can be seen up to ½ a mile away; essential for those night time walks. Or, if you fancy a bit of bling, a Swarovski encrusted collar and leash can be yours for around 1600AUD.

4. Trixie Biker Set

 If you enjoy walking your dog while you cycle this product, available online, consists of a specially made brace which fits over the back wheel of the bike to enable your dog to walk with you without getting too close to the wheel. A leash attaches to the brace so you can keep your hands free to steer the bike.

 5. The Shedmonster

 Not a new super villain but the latest dog shedding brush. It claims to reduce shedding by 90% while keeping Fido looking sleek. For around 25AUD it is said by reviewers to be the best on the market.

6. Adaptil Collar 

Part of a range of pheromone-infused products designed to soothe, calm and reassure dogs, and cats, both young and old. You’ll find these in most pet stores and some veterinary surgeries. If you’re looking to splash out some serious money on your dog, here’s a look at what you can get.

7. Dog Agility equipment

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 If you have a back garden big enough you could set up this complete agility course, available from online stores. Play Tunnel great for practicing for competition or just for keeping a high energy pooch fit and entertained.

8. Dog Prams

 If your pet is becoming a little long in the tooth and not up to long walks anymore, or if you just want to keep your tiny dog safe when out and about, you can get a specially designed pram and harness; up to 550AUD, depending on the size of the dog.

9. Designer tweed jackets

 As seen at this year’s Crafts, the biggest dog show in the world and the window on all things trendy in the dog world, designer tweed jackets are all the rage for dogs. For people who prefer the country lovers look.

10. High Tech Kennel

 And finally, for the seriously fashionable, the High Tech Kennel. Designed by Samsung and featuring a Samsung S Tablet, so your dog can stay in touch with his humans. But why not stick with tradition and enjoy the close companionship of your dog?