If you are thinking of having a baby, or are already waiting for the little one who is on the way, you sure are making plans about the birth and everything that comes after. But if your family includes a four-paws furry member you will have to a do a lot more planning. Having a new baby in your family will definitely change most of the aspects of your everyday life. These changes will also affect your dog’s routine.

When the baby comes the time that you’ll have for your dog will be reduced a lot and if this change hits the dog’s life routine immediately it may cause him distress and anxiety or even make him depressed. To avoid these from happening, it is best to start preparing months before the baby comes, and start cutting some of the time that you spend with your furry-love. This way your dog will gradually get used to the amount of time that you spend with him, and won’t notice the big difference in the time spent with him when the baby comes. It is a good idea to get a lot of toys for your dog so he can get distracted most of the time and actually enjoy his time with himself while chewing his favorite toys.

If your dog is already very obedient to you, it will be easier for him to get used to the new orders and rules. In another case you may need to plan a training time for him before the baby comes. The dog will get very curious about the baby and his/her moves and sounds. He will try to sniff the baby or want to play him/her. That is why the dog must be well trained and very obedient to you. If you don’t have enough time to train the dog yourself, the best thing to do is to contact a certified dog trainer.

When you buy the baby’s furniture, toys or clothes, let the dog sniff some of them. This way he will get used to the smell of things that will be used by the baby. Also one day before the baby comes home from the hospital one member of the family may bring home a blanket that has the baby’s smell for the dog to sniff. This way the dog won’t be too surprised by the baby’s smell.
Practice staying around your dog with a doll or a teddy bear in your arms. Also, try taking walking your dog by taking the baby’s stroller with you. Practice makes perfect, so your dog won’t notice any big difference when the baby finally comes.

Hope these few tips may be helpful for the new parents to be who have a furry member in their families.