Making your dog eat slower is a challenge for all us dog owners, who have dogs with a big appetite and eat really fast. Eating quickly can be very dangerous for your dog.

What does your dog risk when he eats quickly?
- bloating,
- choking,
- regurgitation,
- obesity.

Therefore we are presenting today a simple solution to your problem, slow-bowl-feeders.
These bowls reduce these risks by separating food with a small barrier, forcing dogs to move and reach for their food rather than consume it all at once.

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Kyjen Dog Games Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder

This Kyjen Dog Games Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder Coral sports a unique spiral design to slow down dogs that devour their meals too quickly, thereby promoting healthy eating habits.

The simple design of this slow feeder is easy to use and holds up to two cups of dry dog food. The bowl is made with high-quality materials deemed food safe and has a rubber foundation to prevent the bowl from sliding and spilling.

The coral feeder comes in a vibrant orange with a spiral design that slows feeding- but there are also other designs that make great slow feeders. The other designs include a drop design, a flower design, and a hill design. These slow feeders are perfect for promoting healthy eating habits, so order one for your dog today!

This slow-bowl-feeder promotes healthy eating habits; is constructed with food-safe materials and is dishwasher safe.