As all us dog lovers know, dogs are very expressive and interactive animals. They always try to catch our attention in different ways and through they body language. Here are five 5 ways your dog is telling you that he loves you:


It is an instinctive behavior for dog to lick, as they they do it with their mothers when they want to be fed, to get their attention or when they want to groom. But most of the times when they are licking your face it's because they are giving you sweet kisses and showing love (or sometimes they think you need some grooming :p)

Following you around and leaning on you.

They want to spend all their time with the one they love, you. This way they can also keep an eye on and protect you, since you are their favorite companion. By leaning against your legs they are showing you that they are there for you, showing you their attention but also asking for yours.

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Tail wagging

This is the primary way a dog shows excitement. When his tail is wagging, he is telling you that he's very happy to see you.

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Jumping on you

We have all experienced that lovely moment when we get home and as soon as we open the door our furry love is jumping on us all excited. Yeah they miss us that much, isn't that the cutest thing ever?


This is another natural behavior of our dogs. This way they interact with us and show affection and attention. This is a very important part of a dog's social development, and that is why we should make a little time to play with them. Anyways we should keep in mind that roughhousing can sometimes go too far, and we should teach to our dogs to not be so tough.

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Tell us, how does your dog show you their love?