Submited by Kim Baxter
In October 2013, Keeshond rescuers in the U.S. were contacted by John, a volunteer, in Binghamton, New York. John indicated he was working with a long-time dog breeder, Marjorie Ingraham, who wanted to retire from breeding and needed help to place her dogs.
Mrs. Ingraham was a high volume breeder of Keeshonden and other breeds for nearly 40 years. At the time, she had over 100 Keeshonden in need of rehoming.
The Keeshond community stepped up to the task. After Mrs. Ingraham signed a release form to Suncoast Keeshond Rescue, they went to work for all of the dogs at Marjorie’s Kennel. They provided funding for transportation, veterinary care, supplies, and whatever was necessary for 60 Keeshonden that Mrs. Ingram released between November 2013 and March 2014.

The ugly reality that they found:
36 dogs with Giardia; 21 dogs with Coccidia; 55 dogs with roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and/or tapeworms;12 dogs with bacterial infections;11 dogs with fungal or yeast infections; 2 dogs with demodectic mange; 3 dogs with systemic bacterial infections; 27 dogs with bite wounds; 2 dogs with frostbite injuries; 4 dogs with untreated torn cranial cruciate ligaments and severe patellar luxations; 41 dogs with patellar luxation of grades 1-4; 29 dogs with abscesses; 2 dogs with hip dysplasia; 2 dogs with malformed limbs or patellar fusion; 1 dog with mammary cancer; 1 puppy with a large burn; 2 dogs with sarcoptic mange and 60 dogs frightened of human beings and completely unsocialized.

Fortunately the dogs were transformed with help from their foster and adoptive parents.

But then the story took a bad turn, Marjorie refused to release any more dogs, even though she continued to fail or barely pass the inspections by the New York Department of Agriculture. Even though she had agreed to release all of the dogs, retire and stop breeding, more than 50 dogs remained at the kennel.
The Keeshond community tried for months to get Mrs. Ingraham to honor her commitment and her signed release. They asked her to honor her word, retire from breeding and release the Keeshonden to them as she had promised.
Their efforts fell on hardened ears. Mrs. Ingraham has again begun to breed Keeshonden. She is now adamantly opposed to releasing or even selling any of the more than 40 adult Keeshonden still suffering at her kennel. However, she is breeding and selling puppies.
On July 8, 2014, The Keeshond community efforts became public for everyone, everywhere to know. They began with a campaign geared toward the leaders of New York state government, asking them to enforce their own laws.

The Keeshond community Continuing Mission
“WE, the worldwide Keeshond community, will NOT be deterred from our mission. We will not retreat, no matter the roadblocks, the stone walls, the lies, the attempted manipulations. We are united in our commitment; we are dedicated to our goal; we have promised the dogs at Marjorie’s Kennel that they are not forgotten. We have heard their voices; we have heard their cries. Their brothers and sisters who are free and in recovery will not allow us to stop our efforts. We are coming. We will not fail you.”
Let’s all make our best efforts to help them, support them and join their mission.
We will also share the story of one of the rescue dogs, Reggie in one of the future posts in our blog, meantime you can check now this video of Sherman, one of the 60 survivors.