Remember our previous post The story of the NY 101? Well, as we promised this is the story of Reggie, one of the dogs who were rescued from the puppy mill. Read what a beautiful life he is living now thanks to his new loving family.

Just as getting out of the Mill, Reggie got a warm bath as the dogs from Marjorie’s were matted with feces and dirt.

Reggie is learning to be a loved pet.

Reggie learned to accept love, how comfortable a sofa is and after training got access to the upstairs.
Reggie and his sister Kallie are a great team. She has helped him gain confidence and is a great friend and playmate.

Life in a puppy mill means never having things of your own or people who care. With his forever parents, he has learned trust and love. He has toys, sometimes he stores Mom’s stuff in his crate to keep it safe and has learned to lay close to his parent’s for comfort.

Reggie is now an Advanced Trick Champion.

Reggie hated riding in the car and so trips to Petco started to give him something to look forward to. He took basic obedience at Petco and then advanced to Canine Good Citizen and Advanced Canine Good Citizen.
Reggie sailed through basic trick training, learned the piano and bongos in intermediate trick training and now can open and close doors and started skateboarding. Reggie is now certified as an advanced trick dog and learning tricks at the expert level.

This was Reggie's, from the NY 100 | Puppy Mill, story and we hope that all the other dogs waiting to be rescued have the same happy story as Reggie. To support the fight #FreeTheKees please visit and sign the petition!