It’s only two days till’ Christmas and we can’t wait to open all the presents under the tree. Making the atmosphere even better, we got one Christmas gift on advance, and I’m so happy to show it to you. It’s this adorable handmade Christmas card that we got from “2 Crafting Girls”.

 We got it yesterday and we love every detail of it. The girls of “2 Crafting Girls” make beautiful handmade cards, for everything like Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, Father’s day and every other occasion.

This photo below its absolutely a great work of art . It's my favourite .

They can also make personalized cards for you or your pets about everything that you want. Check out they work on :  2 Crafting Girls on Facebook or : @2_crafting_girls on Instagram . You can order the cards by sending an e-mail to .They ship worldwide.

Don't forget to follow this girls on Facebook or Instagram and to leave a comment below on; How you see their work or handmade things in general  ? Do you love crafting or it's only me ?