It is 1-st December today and we enter in the month of love, celebration and hope. The hope for us and our families. As part of a family Geoffy needs our help. Helping this fellow, we give him hope to live longer and healthier. This adorable puppy dog that you see here has an urgent need for surgery on January 2015 and in this little time he needs us to help raise founds for the surgery.

Geoffy has been diagnosed with a genetic abnormality causing bi-lateral fore limb lameness. I am sure that after reading this most of you are willing to help him. By clicking HERE you can go directly to the fundraising page.

There is also  another way to help him! If you love pet's portraits and paintings and if you are looking for the perfect gift for an animal lover then consider this... All profits go directly to Irish Dogs for the Disabled / Here's Geoffy to help cover vet bills so it's a win / win! Vouchers are emailed for download so the recipient has time to find their favourite photo they want immortalised in paint!

The dogs do so much for us, we can't turn our backs on them when they need us!