I am happy to introduce to you “Crowned”, a lovely illustrated book for children, written by Julia Dweck and illustrated by Beth Trott.

The story that this book for children tells, is the one of a little fairy named Quinn who always dreamt to be a queen someday. One day she decides to try everything that she had read in fairytales books to become a queen. After trying everything but with no result and facing fear alone, she learns that to become a queen she only needed to believe in herself and in her dreams, and to do good.

The message that this book gives to the children is a great one, teaching the kids about believing in their dreams and in their strengths. Telling the little girls that they don’t need any prince to save them, as they can be their own heroes, is another great message.

 This illustrated book for kids is not only great for the children, but also for their parents. I believe every parent would love to read such an educating story to their kids. One of my favorite things of this book is the rhyme used in every paragraph. I think this makes the book even more fun for the parents to read it to their children, and also more fun for the kids to listen to it. The illustrations are amazing too. They are so colorful and fun, making the book even more interesting for the kids. I think that the way the characters are illustrated, transmits a feeling of happiness and good vibes to the kids. A very fun and interesting part of the book is the quiz area at the end of the book. It is very educational and a great way for children to learn more while having fun.

This book is great in so many ways. It has an amazing story, great and super fun illustrations, and is very educational for the kids.