Nowadays wanting to make your dog famous is very common and if that turns in the right way you could make money of it. Of course that this needs time and it's not that easy to make it happen . According to me these are the top things that you have to do to make your dog a celebrity on Instagram.

Make a dog famous on Instagram

1. Love your dog 

The first and most important thing is to love your dog. Always remember that he is the reason that you opened this account. Loving your dog and showing it on the photos that you share will gain you more followers. People always want to see the true side of the relationship you have with your dog. They will trust you more and will be even more interested in what you share with them.

2. Good quality photos 

If you have a professional camera than it will be easy for you, because photo's quality is very important on gaiing followers. In case that u don't have a professional camera, one thing that you can do is to shoot your photos under strong light and not on dark places, so they will look nice and clear.

3. Light color photos 

We are talking about being famous on Instagram, so the picture itself is the most important thing. This is why you need to pay big attention to it, focus on the details that make it nice for the eyes to see. Using a one color background  , so the focus is on your dog and not on the surroundings, seems to be very attractive and likable. The colors of the background should be as light as possible so that your dog will show off more easily.
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4. Likes likes likes

You will not gain followers if you don't show some love . You have to do tons of likes and you have to comment on other dog's Instagram accounts. The best way is to like and comment on the accounts that have less than 100K followers, unless you want your comments and likes to disappear between the thousand others.


You may have noticed that famous dogs on instagram throw contests for other dog's accounts and the winner gets a shootout (sharing photo of another instagram account on yours). First, you may want to be part of this contests and whether you win or not, you still will be able to make a lot of new followers. When you have enough followers to be Instagram famous you can organize your own contest.

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