Hi there my dear friends! This post is only for you . I know that i have been missing for a long time now and I missed blogging so much . Working on a full time job and blogging seems so difficult to me . Anyway when someone has very little time , one tries to find a way to go to job and in the same time follow his passion for animals and dogs.

I like so much reading your amazing blogs. On the pet blogging world are many wonderful blogs   that I love to read. I thought a solution for my problem and i think that the best way  is WRITING MY POSTS ON WEEKENDS . I don't know if any of you  is in this same position as me . If yes can someone enlighten  me and show me another way , maybe better than writing on weekends and publishing during the week? 

I wold love so much to hear your opinions about this .
Sending  love for you from Tirana, Albania.