This story was submitted by : Sarah Jacob

Kaya was found on the road with a broken back. The doctors crate-rested her and the injury healed. When she came to me she was as active and playful as any healthy puppy. We would go on long hikes and she would race across fields chasing deer; I called her my rocket dog. When she was 3 the old injury came back and she began to limp…within a year she was nearly paralyzed.

But I refused to give up. Four years later, she is still walking and we enjoy short hikes. Kaya is a very happy healthy dog and although she walks with a limp, it’s clear that all she really wants is to be with her girl. She is loved. I would like to make a professional 6 – 8 minute documentary about the journey of healing we went through together. It has been a journey about acceptance, perseverance, miracles, heartbreak, and resilience. We have been through the fire, but I wouldn’t trade one minute of it.

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