I am so exited to introduce to you this amazing book called "Bella The Bichon Frise" . This is a lovely illustrated  book for children . It teaches  them the most basic things a child should know , all these through Bella . The book is written by A.J. Richards and illustrated by Rayah Jaymes.

This is a book that teaches your  kids about , geography , math , and of course taking care of dogs and especially bichon frise ones . In this book you will find a great way to teach them what dogs should eat and how often we should   bath them.

The most adorable part for me is when the author writes about which foods dogs can or can't eat, or how many times a day a puppy and a grown up dog should eat . If a kid reads this book he will sure become a big dog lover when he grows up. This book educates our little ones  to love animals and help them .

Foods a  dog shouldn't  eat

Every page in this book is illustrated with beautiful and colorful graphics that makes it perfect for kids. This book has 34 pages and is great for children and toddlers.

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