Name: Sephi (Her full name was Persephone, named from Demeter’s daughter in Greek mythology.)
Age: Passed away at age 10 on November 2, 2011
Breed: Half Chow Chow, probably also part German Shepherd and Labrador
Birthday: April 1st, 2001
Color: Black
Eye color: Brown

This story was submitted by a blogger called  Dawn Ross

 Sephi Really Does Love Me Sephi was a Chow Chow mix. Like the Chow breed, she had a rather aloof personality. Unlike most dogs, she didn’t seem to care when I left home or came back. No separation anxieties and no excitable greetings. She didn’t care about being petted. And she had little interest in other people. Sephi was very happy just doing her own thing. I lived in an apartment for much of her life.

Salespeople and witnesses would knock on my door from time to time and she’d barely look up, let alone bark. The maintenance people had to come into my place on a few occasions when I wasn’t home and she never bothered with them. Needless to say, Sephi was a terrible guard dog. But there was this one time…

One day when I came home early from work because I wasn’t feeling well, I forgot to lock the door. I was half asleep in the back room nursing my migraine when suddenly I heard my door open and a man’s voice. My heart stopped. But before I could react, Sephi went berserk. I’ve never heard her bark like that, not ever. By the time I got out of bed, the man was long gone. She really does love me, I thought. Or perhaps she was worried that if something happened to me, she’d have no one to fill her food bowl. Seriously, though. I loved Sephi a lot. And I know she loved me in her own way.

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