Name: Marley
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Siberian husky
Birthday: 14/03/2012
Eye color: One blue ,one half blue and half brown
Favorite food: Chicken
Favorite thing to do: Run and play with other dogs
Location: Peru- Lima

This story was submitted by Marley's mom.

 My dog's name is Marley. I found him in the street when he was 3 months. At the time I thought that he was lost and i took him home with me . After taking him home me and my family  asked  everywhere if someone had lost a sweet Siberian puppy, but no one knew him, so I decided to keep him .

That was not so easy because  dad didn't want another dog in the  house,we  already had one. He told me that we have to find him a home because we can't keep two dogs . I wanted to keep Marley , he was so adorable. At the end my dad changed his mind so we could  keep him , but with the condition that we are unable to find him a forever home , and since than he is staying with us.

A short happening that bound together Marley and his mom

When he was 10 months i was with him taking a walk and a strange man get close to us. He started to look at me with a strange look, so i felt scared. This man started to talk to me and he said that i had to go with him. I don't wanted to, I was too scared. Marley jumped on him and i run as faster as I could . I went to look for a policeman but he got away. Since then me and Marley are like one, he is the best dog in the whole world.

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