Name: Graphite
Age: 3 months
Breed: Lab (silver)
Birthday: 3/29/14
Eye color: Grey
Favorite food: he eats diamond grain free
Favorite thing to do: attack empty drink bottles when not sleeping
Location : Pittsburgh area PA

This dog  profile was submitted by Kimberly the mom of  Graphite

Choosing a dog as a couple. Sounds easy. Unless you have your heart set on a Weimaraner and his is set on a black lab. You may never get a dog unless you can find middle ground. Enter the silver lab, the most perfect lab ever. (Unless you're a breed purest, avoid those with your beautiful lab.They might scare your puppy.)

 Silver labs are actually a dilute chocolate which you can see when the light hits them just so. And they are CALM. So calm you wonder if you have an old man hidden in a puppy body. Life for Graphite (I named him after the lead of the pencil) is basic. Wake up, eat, play and sleep.

He only has something to say if you're not playing with him enough or he has to poop, otherwise he's a perfect silent gentleman.
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