Are you a person that  that loves to have a dog ,but live in a small apartment ? Are you the person who loves a dog but works all day so you need a  dog that can be left alone in the house when you are gone? I think you are in the right place , because I' m going to suggest  you some great dog breeds  that are perfect to be left alone in the house .

Qualities that should have an apartment dog 

  1. Low energy dog
  2. Maybe a small to medium sized dog
  3. Dog that don't bark all the time 
  4. An adult dog ?!

5 apartment dog breeds that can be left alone

  •  English bulldog

The most lazy dog of all . He is a low energy dog that all he wants is to stay in the house and maybe to lay on the couch all day long. This dog is a medium sized one so it has no special needs to move around . A small apartment is just fine for him.

A great quality of a pug is that he doesn't bark to much and is a very  quiet dog. He also is a great sleeper and you are going to hear his snore more than his barking, so you can left him alone in your apartment without looking back.

  • Chihuahua  

With a weight from 2 to 6 pounds a chihuahua sure will not need much room at your house . The chihuahua is a very small dog and some times a loudly one but with very little training they can learn not to be very aggressive. This dog is a fast learner and an intelligent one.

  • Italian Greyhound

He is a very quiet dog and he does not make any noises . He barks rarely and is a very fragile dog . Italian Greyhound has thin bones and you have to dress him up if you go out on cold weather.

Last but not least a rescue dog , not a real breed but a real dog that is going to be perfect for your apartment. If you adopt an adult dog that has been raised on the streets you will find a great and loving animal and a true friend . They are very quiet and not so much playful .

Do you have in mind other dogs that can be great for apartments ?

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