NAME: Taylor Pie
Full Name: Taylor Pie Bob Toby Talyn Glass-Chapman
Age: 1 year
Gender: Male
Breed: Golden Retriever
Birthday: January 5, 2013
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Favorite Food: Carrots, Peanut butter, Meat Bites
Favorite thing to do:Playing in general (w/ siblings, on beach, in snow, with water, with tennis ball, etc.) and cuddling with family.

This story was submitted by Taylor's mom

I had always wanted a puppy so it was one of the best days of my life when my mom gave her permission. Every girl should have a dog, to grow up with and learn with. A partner through adolescence and all the good and bad times of childhood. Finally, it was my turn to find my puppy soul mate. I was really set on and dedicated to the idea of getting a golden retriever puppy. The breed seemed perfect, big, fluffy, cuddly, active, loyal, and pretty. Soon, we had arranged a meeting to visit a pair of foster parents who had a 13 week old, male, golden retriever they were fostering.

We drove for a while, and for the whole drive my mom reminded me that if he wasn’t the right dog for us we’d have to continue our search regardless of his puppy cuteness. But, when we walked up to the clear glass front door, he walked from one side of the hall way to the other. Only one glimpse of him and we were all hooked. It seemed like true love at first sight. So, we adopted him. I couldn’t figure out what to name him. His shelter name was Talyn but that actually means Talon in another language (my mom thinks Gaelic) and I didn’t want my puppy to be named after sharp claws. Eventually, the name Taylor Pie evolved. Taylor was the cutest golden retriever puppy you could ever find, small, cuddly, with adorable floppy ears, a happy tongue flopping from his mouth, and heart-melting worthy brown eyes. He quickly grew into a just as beautiful and regal young adult. Taylor also loves to cuddle.

He’s a big sweet heart. He loves to retrieve too just as his name suggests. Easily excitable, Taylor loves to play with his family and his pet siblings (an adult Great Pyrenees and a young kitten) anywhere any time. Taylor loves walks and car rides. When he goes to the beach he loves running around in the open space and playing in the water. The snow is equally as fun to him.He’ll dig anything (snow, sand, dirt, ect.) and has a funny habit of ripping up and chewing on grass like a cow. He’s also particular when it comes to his love of playing on the nearby playground and going down the slide. He’ll also crawl under your bed if there is enough space. Taylor will sit and lay down on command. He’s very photogenic if he isn’t too sucked up in his game and loves posing for Instagram. But what makes Taylor the best dog, is his love. He’s always watching over us and if one family member is missing he gets worried and starts whimpering. One time the kitten was tuck in the basement and only Taylor realized that. He waits for everyone to get home from work and school and is always up for a good hug. He’s the perfect puppy for me.

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