Now that the spring has come it is so easy to do great things with our dogs. Of course the most of the activities are going to be outdoors . Some ideas of what to do are:

1. Go to a dog-friendly event 

 This kind of events make your dog very happy  and you can meet other dog people and maybe do a little running !

2.Workout with your dog

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Dogs are really active animals and bringing them with you can really make them happy and on the other hand they can motivate you to work harder.

3.Go to the lake or to the beach

Dog really love playing in the water and this is the most relaxing and enjoying thing to watch . Throwing a ball to the water is going to be your main job!

4.Do yoga with your dog

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Some stretches and basic yoga exercises are a great thing to do with your dog . This will also bond you more with him.

5.Go Hiking with your dog

 Dogs love spending more time with you in the same time make a great trip on the woods sniffing all sorts of exotic smells.This trip will make you more active during the time you are with your dog.
What do you do on weekends with your dog ?