What is dog  microchipping ?

Dog microchipping is a procedure done on dogs to find them in case they get lost.Microchips can be implanted by a veterinarian or at a shelter. After checking that the animal does not already have a chip, the vet or technician injects the chip with a syringe and records the chip's unique ID.

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Why anyone should microchip their dog ?

1.A microchipped dog can be easily identified 

If your dog is  found by a shelter or veterinary office in possession of a scanner this dog can be easily  identified and returned to their owner . There are so much stories of dog lost out there , and would be so bad to lose your pup  for this reason.

2.It is a really cheap procedure 

Microchipping your dog  only costs around $25 to $50, depending on your vet.

3. Easy surgery 

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The chip’s only as big as a grain of rice, so  the cut is very small and heals very fast. It’s usually implanted in the scruff of your dog’s neck and doesn’t cause any pain for your pet.

4.A pet door that recognizes your dog’s chip

This is going to be amazing experience . Not every dog can enter at your home or any kind of uninvited animal

5. A microchip is never lost

Tags are often lost when dogs are lost. This is not going to happen with the microchip.

What do you think about this procedure ? Is this useful for you ?