Name: Jazzi
Breed: Lab mix
Sex:  Female
Age: 8 years old
Birthday: Nov 3 2005

A service dog that found home

The story was submitted by Ashika

 I adopted Jazzi in November 2013 (she had just turned 8 years) when I was at the Chicagoland Animal Welfare League. I saw her there looking so scared, so lost, so skinny and she had almost lost hope for herself. One look at her and there was nothing more I wanted than to bring her home. I spoke to one of the volunteers who worked with her regularly and came to know of her life.

 Jazzi girl used to be a service dog for an autistic girl for most of her life. Human companionship and being a service dog was all she knew. She was a companion to the little girl with all she had. However the child and her family moved and didn't take poor Jazzi along and she was returned back to her trainer. The trainer tried to find a new home for her with a vet with PTSD. She served him happily till he started being gone longer without her and she started getting depressed for the lack of the only job she knew to do. He couldn't take care of her anymore when he started going for long hours and returned home to find furniture or something else chewed off. And she was returned back again. The trainer then found her a home with another family who kept leaving her home alone in a kennel for long hours every day. Poor Jazzi who was always used to being with her humans started getting way too stressed inside a kennel and started chewing on things. They couldn't deal with that and took her to the shelter instead.

 A few months of her being there, I met her courtesy of Hello Pittie Windy City Adoptables regular volunteers who worked with her and knew as soon as I saw her, that I could not leave her there. Then while I was there, I came to know she was heartworm positive . I could not leave her there and decided she would go through her treatments from my home. She came home and the very next morning I noticed blood in her urine and rushed her to vet...came back diagnosed for bladder stones. I decided then that no matter what she would go through treatments from my home (though the shelter did offer to take care of the medical needs if i left her back at the shelter till she was cured, which I couldn't bear to do) was expensive....but I wanted to do was the least that could help Jazzi. Now she is healthy, heartworm free, bladder stone free, happy and at home. She has bonded with Loki, my 7 years old pitbull boy...goes to daycare with him 3 days a week and I never saw her stressed after her first week here.

Jazzi is such a beautiful soul...who loves following me around everywhere, loves her kong and bully sticks, loves running after her frisbee, enjoys long walks outdoors, sniffing everywhere and making sure her little brother Loki is always around her as well. I am so lucky to have met both Jazzi and Loki. She spent her whole life serving people and was always returned back for reasons I cannot comprehend. All I know is, she is finally home now. And my home and with me is where she will be for the rest of her life. I love you so much sweetness ❤❤❤❤.

You can follow Jazzi and Loki on Instagram  @lokiandjazzi