Name: Flori
Age: 1 year
Breed: Spanish Greyhound
Birthday: 5 march 2013
Eye color: brown
Favorite food: apple, treats, cheese
Favorite thing: running around, playing at the dog park and roaching on the couch

This story is submitted by  Katia Ketele

 Hello there, we live in Antwerp city in Belgium and adopted Flori from a rescue shelter in Sevilla/Spain. She was born in that shelter together with her 7 siblings , the owner dropped his two dogs there because the female was pregnant. Flori is the only one with half a tail, she had surgery in Spain because something happened but i don't know what exactly. For us it doesn't matter, she's a happy puppy, already 1 year old now! She came to us like a tiny little white sick puppy only 10 weeks old. We toke good care of here and quickly she turned into this joyful girl who trusts anyone and loves to play at the dog park with all of her friends.

They call her 'sunshine' cause she jumps around and greets everyone who crosses her path. At home she's like all of the sight hounds i know; a real couch potato! She loves to snuggle and sleep and roaching is her favourite thing, that means laying on her back with all 4 legs up :-) She makes us laugh every day and when i look at her my heart explodes with love! I hope she can live a good live and stays with us for a long time.

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