Name: Leo
Age: 1
Breed: Pug
Birthday: (26/October/2012)
Eye color: Brown
Favorite food: chicken!
Favorite thing to do: walks on the beach or sleeping.

This story was submitted  by Rachel

 I've only had Leo in my life for a a few months, but in that short amount of time he's changed so much about it. I got Leo a few months after falling out with my best friend, before then I had been lonely as I didn't talk to anyone outside of my family and didn't leave the house much.

 Since then, I now have a new best friend (which of course is Leo), a constant companion as he never leaves your side (he loves cuddles), an excuse to leave the house (this guy loves walks, especially those which require a trip in the car first!) and I'm certainly happier than I have been in a long time. I never fail to smile when I look at this guy, he's so expressive and has such a clown-like personality... a perfect combination! I also know if I'm ever having a bad day, all I have to do is come home and sit on the sofa and in a second this guy will be straight in my lap wanting to cuddle!

Find Leo on Instagram : @dandy_leo