Name: Bindi Age: 12
Breed:Australian Blue Cattle Dog
Birthday: 7 Jan 2002
Eye color: Brown
Favorite food: King Island Tasmanian Smoked Cheese
Favorite thing to do: She pushes things around with her nose
From: Born and living in Australia

 This story was submitted by Vicki Smith

 I knew Bindi was special when I saw her birth date at the pet store. She was born on the anniversary date of the death of my previous red cattle dog Dusty. Our family have enjoyed 12 years of laughter and fun with Bindi’s zest for life and interest in everything we do. She loves all water sports, travelling to remote places, beaches, deserts, and forests. As far as she’s concerned, if she’s with her family, she’s happy. Bindi is particularly close to my husband but tries her best not to show who she favorites the most. One day, I was sitting on my patio alone with Bindi when I said out loud to her, “Bindi, do you love me?”

 I know I shouldn't have asked, but it just came out of my mouth. I immediately dismissed my words as Bindi had walked a few feet away from me. A few minutes later, I looked down at my feet and saw a small rock about 3/4" across that wasn't there before. When I picked it up, Bindi was standing in front of me looking at me. I turned the rock over in my hand and to my utter amazement I saw it was in the shape of a heart. A Love Rock. A gift from my dog to say, “Yes, I do love you Mum.”

Bindi has an Instagram account @bindisuetheblue