Name: Shiner
Age: 10 years old
Breed: Pit Bull
Birthday: March 3, 2003
Eye color: Brown
Favorite food: Everything!
Favorite thing to do: Eat and sleep

I am a Pit Bull and I am a girl!

This story was submitted by Ann Staub

 My name is Shiner and I'm a Pit Bull GIRL doggy. For some reason, all these peoples are always calling me "he" or "boy". Perhaps it's because I have a muscular physique. Girls can be strong too, ya know! 

One day, I decided it was time for a makeover in order to look more feminine. Maybe I just needed a new style? Pink is a very girly color, so I decided that I should add more of that color to my wardrobe. I borrowed a few of my mom's things and asked her to take some photographs. 

I still get called "boy" a lot, but I think most people got the idea that I really was a girly girl after my makeover. I'm kind of a "big baby" according to my mom. And if someone wants to call me "boy", I will let it slide as long as they give me plenty of treats. I like treats. :)
This was the story of the girly pit bull , did you liked it ?

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