Name: Cotton Cutie
Age: 6
Breed: Teddy Bear Schnoodle
Birthday: December 27, 2007
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite food: Bacon
Favorite thing to do: Go outside and play with his girlfriend

Cotton | The snowball dog
This story was submitted by one of our readers

Cotton is such a cute dog. he is sweet and quiet but some times he gets very angry , but with what would you ask ?! Whenever a trash bag is in his sight he will go crazy and will not stop jumping and barking at it! Have you ever heard of a dog doing such a thing before? 

Cotton | The snowball dog

Did you noticed he is very white, yeah ? The reason I am asking is because one day , Cotton disappeared! 

Cotton | The snowball dog
Here he is on his suit ... so we can find him :P

It happened one day, when it was snowing heavily and we ran outside to play with him. After playing with me and my husband for some time , we suddenly lost him from our sight. We were looking hard to find him but we couldn't find him anywhere. I told you he is white, so white that he blended right in with the snow and we could not find him!

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