Name : Fabulous Ashley
Breed: Pomeranian
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year old
Favorite food : beef , salmon , bacon
Favorite things to do : play play with her chicken shape toy and her  dog shape toy !
Favorite color : pink

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My sister Chanel and me 

What Ashley has to say : I got my mom when i was about 3 months old , was just a little baby back then ,well  I still am. I have another sister that is staying  with another human . At 5 months i jumped  from a  tall garden in my house and broke my  right leg . I was told to do an operation , but as I was still a little girl , i couldn't bear the anesthetic so I  just wrapped  my leg with a blue thing and about 3-4 months later I was running again , i was a happy puppy like nothing had  happen !

My brother  Chelsea and me 

On 30 march 2013 I lost my brother Chelsea. He was a pom too like me . Losing him changed the joy of our family, everything wasn't the same anymore without him around. After loosing him I changed too, I became more quiet . I have to finish this writing here, because I have to go play with my sister, who is stealing my toys. Bye all!
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