This story is from an rescue organization in Albania called ARsA (Animal Rescue Albania)
This last months this organization has been going to the pet hospital to sterilize the dogs of the street and there they found this beautiful but unlucky Akita dog

This is the way  people are ?!

Animal Rescue Albania

Since the movie “Hatchiko” there has been boom of requests for this breed admiring his loyalty in this movie, but in the reality we will tell you a story of betrayal against this wonderful dog. Eski is the name of this beauty, and his misfortune is that after an illness he can see with a lot of difficulty but has not lost the sight completely. His other misfortune is that just in this moment his owners have abandoned him. They didn’t leave him in the middle of the road but in this “hotel”, closed in a cell, in a tiny little place, a tiny place that he could occupy in his warm house. But no, just in this moment they decided that they don’t have a place for Eski anymore and they went abroad.

Eski is a very lovely dog, very “normal”, except the fact that he can’t see very well. We couldn’t stay indifferent so they have taken him for walks, feed him and pet him every time that we have been there. One of these days they received an incredible notice: “The family has decided to do the fatal injection to Eski, (to put him to sleep or to kill him because sleep seems something good when you hear it)” the doctors told us! At this point his family considers Eski a superfluous “expense” and they need to get rid of it. This breed dog isn’t good anymore! Let’s kill him! Just like as if he was a piece of broken furniture, a pair of old shoes! “Throw, take away, kill”!

"It is not necessary to tell you that we are filled with indignation with regard to this issue" say the volunteers of ARsA, " we can’t and won't be indifferent, even if someone thinks that this is not our concern. Of each of us that feeds with a nursing bottle a little kitten that hasn’t open its eyes yet or buries all the puppies that can’t win the war with the hard life. We want to talk in Eski’s name and try to do something, so he will not be killed!!" A hut or a house with a yard is enough, so this dog can live his days in peace, because no one has the right to shorten his life.
Here in Albania we love and trust very much ARsA (Animal Rescue Albania).