A hero dog

This is the story of a hero dog ,  at least a hero to his mom .A hero dog that helped her and made her stronger .

This story was submitted by Maria Broden.

A hero dog | The story of Max

Max will be 14 years old this year, on January 11th :) I 've  had him since he was 8 weeks old, I was almost 13 then so we have really grown up together. Max is a mix between bordercollie and Irish soft coated wheaten terrier. Living with Max has been a true adventure, because  he is a survivor. 

  • As a pup, he fell through the ice on a lake and would have drowned, if not a friend of the family had crawled out and helped him. When he was two years old, he ran away and was gone for three hours. After frantic searching all over the neighbourhood, we found him sitting outside our house. 
  • 3 yrs old, he was attacked by a dogfriend of his, he was bitten badly and was just half a millimeter from losing his eye, he took weeks to heal. 
  • 5 yrs old, he ran into a horse field, and was almost stomped to death. 
  • 12 yrs, he had surgery to remove some really bad teeth. Due to his past, Max is afraid of strange dogs and barks at them, but with a little time he can manage to be friends with female dogs at least. 

He loves his family and he is so sensitive, he always wants to do the right thing. He is still really vital and loves learning, we train dog parkour on a regular basis, he learns fast and is incredibly intelligent. I got him when I was being bullied at school, and he gave me a zest for life. I owe him my strength, and also my career, as I now work with dogs for a living, and would never have gotten this far without him. He is my true hero, he showed me how strong and bright senior dogs can be, how wonderful life really is. My best friend!

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