I am hearing all kind of crazy dog myths lately, and I am really annoyed by them. So i found  the craziest dog myths you can ever hear, believe me when i say so , people think very strange things about dogs.

Image source: Healthy as a horse vet

10 crazy dog myths

1.Sleeping with a dog will make you have retarded children

2.German Shepherds must only be trained in German, because they don't understand English as well

3.A dog that tastes blood will morph into an unstoppable killing machine

4.If you cut the eyelashes the dog will go blind

5.The hair on the tail never grows back

6.All pitbulls will at some point snap and turn on you. This happen because their brains get too big for their skull.

7.Dogs can eat anything (the dog is basically a garbage disposal for your leftovers.

8.It's an animal, it belongs outside

9.A dog with a black mouth will have a good temperament.

10.Rottweilers will turn on their owners at a specific age, at that time the owner has to fight and dominate them to make them a good dog

So how did you found this myths ? Which one do you think is the top crazy dog myth?