Name: Lexi
Age: 2
Sex: Female
Breed: Dalmatian
Birthday: 28/08/2011
Eye color: Brown
Favorite food: Anything Edible!
Favorite thing to do: Playing with other Dogs, Sleeping and Eating

Lexi and Indi

 Lexi is my first dog. And it was a lot harder then i thought to find the right one. For a while, I had reserved a gorgeous spotty puppy, but unfortunately, like many dalmatians, she turned out deaf; I was unable to get her as it was my first dog and my parents thought it wouldn't be fair on us or the dog. But as fate would have it, the very next day a litter of puppies a day younger then the last was advertised, and so within a matter of days Lexi came into our lives. we got her from a horrible puppy-farming type place which had litters upon litters of different breeds running round their small concrete garden and living in the sheds. And if that wasn't lucky enough, our family friends a couple of doors down decided to get the deaf puppy i couldn't, they named her indi, and her and Lexi have played together ever since.

Lexi and Indi

Unfortunately, due to her being deaf, Indi became more and more aggressive and recently attacked a family member and had to be put to sleep. She will be dearly missed by all of us, especially Lexi. 

What would you do  if you had a dog like Indi ?