Registered Name: Zente’s Jedi Mind Trick (but responds to “Jedi,” “Pup Pup” and “What’s in your mouth?!”)

Age: 14 months

Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Birthday: October 3, 2012
Eye color: Brown

Favorite food: Jedi is a chowhound and eats everything. His favorite approved foods are chicken, string cheese and ice cubes. His favorite unapproved foods include cat chow, dirty socks and cell phones.

Favorite thing to do: Jedi loves going for walks in the park, playing fetch and singing

I have wanted a German shepherd puppy since I was 9. Last year, at the age of 44, I was able to add Jedi to my life – and things have not been the same since. A puppy will reprioritize your life overnight! I look forward to coming home every day. Jedi is funny and frustrating, loving and loyal, delightful and destructive. Sometimes he’s so smart it’s scary, and other times I wonder if he’s thinking at all! Jedi has helped me come out of my shell. Thanks to him, I’ve met new people, taken more risks and tried new things I never would have before. It’s amazing what the love a dog can do for a person’s soul.

Jedi’s life is chronicled at: Jaxdogmom