Name: Brody Sex: Female Breed: Boston terrier Eye color: Green Favorite food: cheese Favorite toy: Nyla bone
Favorite thing to do: PLAY

This was the start of our forever love! We decided to get this little peanut when we had to put our 7 month old boxer to sleep because of a brain tumor. This was Brody at 4 weeks. I visited her every 2 weeks until the day she came home.

She loves to play and cuddle with her mom, her other pass time is sleeping and boy she does it well. She likes to be under the covers. When she hears the frig open she runs so fast because she is afraid she will miss something dropping from my mouth. She likes to go for walks , sit on the couch and look out the window. She also really likes dryer sheets and will take all the clothes out of the laundry basket to get one. My poor baby when was 5 months broke her ankle that took 6 weeks to heal . She is one of the best dogs I have ever had and I'm looking to get a brother for her some day!

 The toy under her is the toy she loves more than anything!