Name: Luca
Age: 21 months
Sex: Male
Breed: Samoyed
Eye colour: Black
Favourite thing to do: pounce and chase after tennis balls

Hi, my name is Luca the Samoyed! I am 21 months old and full of energy! Many people have not heard of my breed before, and are amazed at how much hair I have when they first see me! One neat thing about my breed is that I look like I'm always smiling.

 That is a dirty tennis ball :P

I was recently diagnosed with Lyme's disease, but that hasn't slowed me down a bit! Tennis balls are my absolute favorite...I love to pounce and chase after them, but I'm not very good at bringing them back! Besides playing with my toys I love to bury my antler treats in the couch, laundry basket, and wherever else I can when my humans aren't looking.

He is such a fluffy dog isn't he ?