Name: Chloie 
Eye color: brown 
Breed: Rottweiler 
Old: 3 years in a half 

Chloie  is playful and listens to me . She behaves well and is very nice. Probably gonna be a mother. She is an American Rottweiler. We spoil her lot , she is properly taken care of :). Chloie will make you smile and make everyone excited. She has kind of wavy hair. and loves to play with her towel after I take her bath. BEWARE: don't give her squeaky toys :P

I will hurt you if you touch her because i care for her. She has a shock collar that she is known of. Chloie knows how to sit down, lay, what is bad and what is right. She knows to come here, if I like tap my hands on something she will get on it, just an amazing dog.