Name: Luna Age: 19 months old Breed : Bichon Frise Birthday: 04-16-2011
Eye color: Brown
Favorite food: Pup-Peroni treats. Favorite thing to do: Play with socks by tossing them in the air and catching them, playing chase, walking and jumping on her hind legs, cuddling in my arms.

 Luna the Diva is her name.  Luna is a Bichon Frise I adopted at 8weeks old. She was the last to be adopted from the litter and the only girl at that. 
 My heart melted the first sight of her. She looked sad and very timid. Luna has had some health problems and although no one would have ever noticed, Luna is partially blind in one eye. Luna has flourished into a vivacious girl full of life and sprit.

 She is highly intelligent and is very lovable and has great intuition with how you are feeling and loves to lick your face when your down. I named my baby girl Luna because she is the light my families life. 

Look for Luna on Instagram: Luna_The_Diva