Name :Blue Ivy
Breed: Boston Terrier
Age/birthday: 5 months 6/18/13
Sex: Female
Eye color: Brown/green
Favourite food: Peanut butter anything that I can find, or falls on the floor. 
Favorite thing to do: play and run around, I have a lot of energy.

 My dad likes to think I'm special because of my name. He named me after some famous millionaire rapper, and millionaire singer's daughter. I think they names are Jay Z & Beyonce or something like that. Whatever!!!!! But I think my name is special because it describes my rare color, also known as silver, or grey. See a long time ago I never would have made it past birth. Due to what I call prejudice in my breed, but other evil people call it preserving the race. But if me, or a red, or a chocolate, or a lilac, or a brindle, etc pup was born. Any other color except the ones they saw fit for the breed. We were either killed or spay and neutered, so we could not reproduce. So that's why we're called rare, because even to this day slot of breeders don't want to see me here. But guess what? I am!!!