Bailey was found as a stray by a man who kept for for long enough to find a rescue, which ended up being RCBTR, to take her in. At the time of committing to taking her we were completely unaware of the shape that she was in.
RCBTR paid transport to have her brought to SC, and it was a jaw dropper when she got off the van...just skin and bones.
The vet did confirm that she has Coccidiosis, which is an intestinal disease/parasite. This is why she cannot gain weight...thankfully it was not because someone wasn't feeding her.
She will need to be on meds to help with the intestinal issues, feed a very special diet. It will be quite a while before she will be healthy enough to tackle her other issues. Yes there is more...She is heart worm positive and needs to be spayed. But she will need to have more weight and better health before she can start down that path.
So we are looking to raise some funds for this poor girl. Fees for transport, multiple vet visits, medication, Heartworm treatment, spay surgery, and specialty food and supplements. There is also a amazon wishlist if you would like to contribute that way.
Any amount is greatly appreciated, thank you!!!