Name: Manny
Age: nine months
Breed: rottsky (Rottweiler / husky mix)
Favorite food: MEAT, biscuits, sorbets and apples
Favorite thing to do: following his tail xD play and run
Birthday : 11/2/2013
Eye color: One green  and one blue

Manny is a nine months old puppy, his mom is a brown Husky and his dad a Rottweiler, so he’s a rottsky. We called him like this because when he was a baby, we said that it seemed to Manfred the mammoth from the ice age movie. Originally we named him Manfred, but then we liked more Manny, is more tender.

He is adopted and it’s the only boy of the litter that doesn’t look like a Rottweiler pure breed. His birthday is the February 11, 2013. I chose him because I loved how it seemed like a rottweiler but coffee and with clear eyes, I loved the mix, I consider him so special.

Manny has one green eye and one blue, but he can see good with both, it's normal in some breeds like husky and even a few humans, is called heterochromia. He has a mixed character as well. He got the rottweiler’s strength, bravery and the guardian spirit, but he also got the husky’s restless and the free spirit.

Since baby he chases his tail, I hope he continues do it, it's great, I love it! He loves to eat cookies and prizes for dogs. Even he doesn't like to bathe (he cries a lot) he likes to swim... It’s a weird boy hahaha.

As he got husky hair, he gets hot easily, I couldn't sleep with him in my arms more than two continuous nights, he always looked for a cold place. Even so, doesn't like to be outdoors when it is raining or it's very cold... Manny is a very weird dog xD but very unique, he’s not my pet, he’s my son :)

Manny on Instagram: mybeautifuldogs